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BIG 3 MUSIC: 4/17 Hollow Deck, Angela Sawyer, ZEBU!


Hollow Deck, Angela Sawyer, ZEBU! @Root Cellar (Greenfield, MA) 7pm All Ages $7


Sometimes the earth gurgles, splatters, and bursts, producing sonic anomalies that fail to fit within what one might call “standard descriptors.” Sure, there are keywords here that we can relate to: scrappy, lo-fi punk; noise-infused pop; jagged experimentalism—the point is, this bill truly runs the spectrum promising a special and intimate night of soundwaves that only the mystical woods of Western Mass could produce. Hollow Deck, the exceptional duo of Mia Friedman and Andy Allen, bring such a wide range of instruments, sounds, and concepts to each of their arrangements that each production brings out the mind’s interpretation of a Pollock painting more than your standard image of what constitutes a “song.” Electronic, experimental bliss abounds when they’re alongside the inimitable Angela Sawyer. Her unholy squeals and sharply concise outbursts could soundtrack an exorcism-induced car crash. Rounding this all out, yet still on the fringes of experimental obscurity, is the most “rock” oriented group of the night. ZEBU is a true chameleon of a band, ranging from power pop explosions to jam induced, avant-garde meanderings, the duo blends so many influences under the broadest umbrella of punk that your feeble mind can comprehend. If you’re in Boston, make the trip. If you’re anywhere west of Worcester, emerge from your den. This one falls under the rare category of “can’t miss.”

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