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BIG 3 FILM: Satanic Panic!



Fri 5/3 – Sat 6/1 Midnights @ Coolidge Corner Theatre

All shows $13.25

Ahh, springtime in Boston, when the Charles River bubbles, the sweet smell of brimstone is in the air, and the Public Garden positively buzzes with the screams of the damned. Okay, maybe that’s a little hyperbolic, but with the recent debut of Penny Lane’s HAIL SATAN? the time does feel right to revisit some diabolical classics. Fortunately, this month’s Coolidge midnights have you covered with their new series SATANIC PANIC, compiling some of the finest occult cult classics from the ‘30s with the mind-blowingly perverse Bela/Boris vehicle THE BLACK CAT to the 21st century with Ti West’s modern slow-burn classic THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL.

In between, the selections range from Joe Dante’s beloved comedy THE ‘BURBS to Mario Bava’s gothic spookfest BLACK SUNDAY, along with a healthy assortment of classic video nasties. Throw on your backwards Led Zeppelin album, dust off your paperback Necronomicon, and go see a seriously evil movie!

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