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BIG 3 ART: Roof Tops


“Roof Tops” by John Corey Luebbers

12/4/18-1/5/19 at UnchARTed Gallery 103 Market St Lowell, MA 01852.
Reception Saturday 12/15/18 5-8PM

Lowell, MA, a city of misunderstood depth. A depth many of us bean rats haven’t even witnessed, and its only a dang train ride away! Its time to bop over cus this city is busting with a unique buzz of artistic happenings. One of our favorite buzzin’ hubs UnchARTed Gallery keeps it locked downtown at 103 Market St. This gallery features some of the most outspoken art around while slingin’ a swath of hot slices to keep you energized… and dancing …yes you’ll be DANCING to live Lowellians cus they even got live music pretty much every night of the week! Catch the next rad art installation all December long from Merrimack Valley local John Corey Luebbers:

An industrial and fine art welder from Chelmsford, MA, John Corey Luebbers is a long time resident artist and contributing inspiration to UnchARTed Gallery and Studios. His whimsical, humorous, and sarcastic creatures and the environments they inhabit are a direct reflection of 13+ years of crude and lude industrial welding (thanks to uncle Bob) in addition to being a lifelong gamer. This time around he’s giving us a new take on some of the classic board games, zen gardens and living plant elements. His sculptures commonly serve as playful, all-but-stoic statues with a message and a purpose. A welcome sign on your office desk, a fair and vulgar warning for your enemies, or an empowering sentiment; regardless, his creations give a lighthearted break from the all-too-everyday-real.

Come see. Come smile. Come play.

More of his work can be seen at

Check out as well!

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