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We're getting friskay w/ some whiskay & making Ward 8 cocktails -- both on the rocks & frozen


It’s local flavor — literallyyyy. Brought to you by EIC Sophie Lou (a human who likes to cook but has no experience making YouTube videos) and the enigmatic Huck Vaughan (a human with lots of experience making videos who has never had a Ward 8), our cooking show promises to be every bit as charmingly disheveled, boisterous, and rough-around-the-edges as the Boston Hassle and the region that inspires it. Serving up New England recipes and history with a side order of fuckshit, it’s Thee Dirtbag Test Kitchen.


Another rough-hewn grindhouse feature from Thee DTK — it’s pretty obvious that we filmed this joint on the same day as last month’s pizza episode, so excuse the rattiness. We’re just trying to remain authentic to our dirtbag roots. And! we’ve got Robby Rowe and The Squeeze Productions to thank for turning this pile of scunge into gold. This one’s fer you, me boys!

January’s episode is about Boston’s puzzling lack of a “signature” drink. The closest we could come up with was the Ward 8, a Gilded Age cocktail with a history enmeshed within the immigration boom and the rise of urban ward politics in America.

Hard to say where the Ward 8’s popularity went, but supposedly it just never really caught on the same as the Manhattan. Like all retro things of dubious appeal, it’s ~enjoying a resurgence~ around Boston, but it’s up to you to decide whether or not the Ward 8 is worth ordering in the 21st century.

A little about the research: This dirtbag wrote her thesis on this era in American history, and it was a real sonofabitch to condense, so if you’re a history nerd, please pardon any major details elided, oversimplified, or left out. If you’re not a history nerd, go watch a Star Wars or something idk.

Ok so! We’ve made it through two episodes of this fledgling project and we’ll be recording more very soon! Onward and upward, my friends. Excited to see you next month on the dirtbag side of the tracks.

(A note on the ingredients: Not sure why I slammed Rittenhouse Rye in this vid… it’s actually pretty good. Or maybe it isn’t. I really have no idea; like I said, I’m more into pink fizzy vodka drinks…)

Host: Sophie Lou Yarin

Filmed by: Huck Vaughan

B Camera: Jed Hardy

Video Editor: Robby Rowe

Original graphics: Emily Zhao and Madison Arrichiello

Music: Ryan Justice

Production Assistant: Cullen Sweeney

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