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Ben Potrykus’ Ten Bands I Want to See in 2013: A 2012 List


BEN POTRYKUS is the singer and guitarist of BENT SHAPES, as well as a regular Boston Hassle and Boston Compass contributor.

Ten Bands I Want to See in 2013: A 2012 List

1. Tomboy – No, not the song by Perry Como, the album by Panda Bear, or even the J-Pop band. I’m talking about Boston’s own Tomboy, self-described as “garage punk feminist sassy fiercenesssss”. The band’s first recordings, a summer demo that appeared on their bandcamp in September, are performed with reckless abandon through a blanket of reverb and distortion. It’s hard to make everything out, but the tunes and attitude are definitely there, and I’m betting they’re pretty awesome live.

2. Potty Mouth – How’d I go through 2012 without seeing Potty Mouth? Frankly, I’m ashamed. Having put out one of the best local records of the year with their Sun Damage EP (written about here), Potty Mouth will soon be embarking on what’s sure to be an epic tour alongside SC’s Chemical Peel (with whom they share drummer Victoria Mandanas). Make sure you give yr buds in the cities they’re hitting the heads-up so they don’t hate you later, and I’ll see you at their next Boston-area show for sure.

3. Fat Creeps – Fat Creeps have been steadily blowing up throughout 2012: rolling out an EP, a tour, a video, and even a holiday song in just the last few months. Their next offering is due out on Feeding Tube Records, in the form of a split with ZEBU! They’ve been pushing the envelope live–taking more risks and flexing more harmonies than in their early days—and I’m looking forward to watching them progress even further next year.

4. Reports – Reports are kind of a rare beast, no? I mean, everyone knows they slay live—they’ve been slaying live for like, 7 years—but the fact that they’re pumping out ever-more-exciting vinyl discs packed with post-punk and rock gems that beg to be heard through a dubious soundsystem at yr favorite dive bar as we toe the apocalyptic ’12-’13 line is downright ridiculous. Luckily, they always give us a few opportunities to revel in that very experience throughout the year, and I’ll be sure to get mine in 2013.

5. Cuffs – Cuffs are another of my favorite Greater Boston Area bands that could afford to chill out for awhile, if they so desired. Two awesome 7”s found their way onto my turntable in 2012, and the group played shows with just about every noteworthy indie pop band to come through Boston, including the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Real Estate, Veronica Falls, and Destroyer. I might just have to shell out the $15 for a wristband to see them get the Rabb Auditorium of the BPL shaking on New Year’s Eve alongside Cass McCombs and near the Magnetic Fields and Tanya Donnelly performances the same night.

6. Earthquake Party! – Earthquake Party have put out just six songs, spread across two cassingles in the past three years. But what they lack in releases, they more than make up for in destructive, energy-filled live performances. This is evidenced by their devoted listenership, and the fact that heavy-hitter after heavy-hitter is hooked up with an EQP live set on their Boston stop. 2012 saw them debut a killer video, drop one of the aforementioned cassingles, and hit the road on their first US tour. They’ve promised further trips to their fans outside of MA, so I’m making it my business to catch them locally this coming year whenever I’m able.

7. Young Adults – Young Adults, to my recollection, appeared around the same time as Earthquake Party, one of a few bands (including EQP and pre-Creaturos outfit Doomstar) that comprised a particularly healthy strand of catchy, noisy garage and pop in 2009 and 2010. Since that time, they’ve gained a new bassist in scene stalwart and low-end phenom Danny O’Neill, and he and the brothers Villon have continued their aural assault on the northeast through this year’s Born In ’91 EP, released just last month. Aside from the fact that they put on an excellent live show, one reason I have to catch them ASAP in 2013 is that Born In ’91 is an IRL-only release. That’s right: no streaming, downloads, or any of that junk for this one. See you in the pit!

8. Creaturos – One of the more well-crafted and surefooted releases I heard in 2012 was Creaturos’ excellent Swamp Thingg cassette. Gnarly fuzz, slapback-delayed vocals, and riff-heavy psych garage dominate the tape, pushing the limits of the format without leaving the listener hanging, looking for the next hook. The hits are delivered rapid-fire, and the band lives up to listeners’ expectations when they hit the stage or basement floor. When I need a pick me up this winter, I’ll be on my way to a Creaturos show.

9. The Monsieurs – A relatively new band fronted by Andy McBain of Tunnel of Love, the Monsieurs also showcase the guitar playing of Hilken Mancini (Shepherdess, ex-Fuzzy), and the Moe-Tucker-style stand-up pummeling of drummer Erin King. Bridging the borderline-noise fuzz and vocal-heavy approach of the members’ former bands, the group promises to be one of the more exciting outfits playing the local club circuit in 2013. I’m definitely itching for a chance to see this crew do their thing.

10. Whatever the new band featuring members of Four Eyes is – Nameless and, temporarily, second-guitar-less, the new project from Will Harris and Nick Murray of Four Eyes is nonetheless planning big things for 2013. I got a chance to preview some recent recordings featuring the group’s classic catchy punk sounds with the addition of new drummer Cynthia’s fresh beats and searing backing vocals, and they’ve got me pretty excited to see the new lineup rip it up ASAP.

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