Bashful Slasher – Slack Jawed / Making Tea EP


Dann Lawrence going straight isn’t the ideal Johnathan Richman offers as a sorta trade up from Hippie

Johnny who is always stoned & it’s hard to get things done when you’re always stoned (do you, of

course no shame in my game look back at me) – more like giving up. Cause when you’re a freak or

queer or any sorta bloodied artist kid, that’s just what going straight is. & it’s no big thing always with

crashing & burning and an even bigger bang tour because when you live on the third floor in a house so

paper thin that the guy on the other side bangs on the walls when you wake up & cough up & just get

the fuck up because it’s too loud wow what a shit maybe you oughta move, I mean him maybe he

oughta move but he probably won’t because he’s like a middle management type, always looking for

their little space of power and holding on to it because otherwise they’d be just like you and me. What a

waste. How long has it been since we got laid? Is there any of that bourbon left? What about in the

back up bottle in the storage closet? Do I have to sneak it if I’m smoking butts outta the ashtray? No,

the other storage closet all the closets are storage closest. There’s some grimace & some spit in these

tracks. In that we hear the name of this band. & when you quit “feeling me” maybe you can see me for

what I am.

Bashful Slasher‘s other album– Horror Face –is still all Lawrence & sounds like the first Foo Fighters

album which is all Grohl (and it’s good, I mean both albums I guess, but specifically Horror Face but

that’s not what I’m here to talk about). Slack Jawed is still Bashful Slasher (or was already? Who cares

about chronology? Dann? Dan?) but on this album it’s written on his hand or a set list crumpled up in

his pocket while he plays a kitchen in some house to six people, one of whom most of the songs were

inspired by & she leaves halfway through the set which brings up a lot of questions like does she get it?

If she gets it does she care? If she cares is she pissed or embarrassed? & regardless that’s rude (do you,

of course) – whereas on Horror Face it’s written on a banner behind him, ok- ok- maybe printed on a t-

shirt, but it’s for sure printed no skrawl. Slack Jawed is Lawrence single barrel gas tank style with

cardboard kick & Evan Williams bottle snare- or maybe cardboard snare too but what’s maybe even

more important is that a 5th is 1% more in volume than we buy, but who is buying a 5th these days

anyways? Evan Williams is best consumed by the handle (if you can find it in a bottle with a handle

anyways, shit, when the roots no longer connect the tree…Jim Beam gives us a handle for an extra few

¢ & a few fewer dirty looks from the unrefined & snotty who prefer the white label even though white

label bourbon isn’t really a gauge of quality more just a distinction when what we’re talking about is

drinking not thinking & anyway bourbon should be (according to wikipedida (or implied) and a guide

at a factory tour I went on in Kentucky with my mom & sister) the cheaper to the pricey cognac) with

appropriately discerning pals in attic apartments without rugs or on New Orleans porches with mint &

simple syrup. This bit of musical crunch is fer sure the former of those, tho it sounds real nice with a


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