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Basement Babes: Issue 11


Please enjoy the 11th issue of the Basement Babes zine! The theme of this issue is “Identity”. It is also our one year anniversary issue!! Thank you so much for sticking around with us for this long. Happy Halloween!

-Jess and Yaz

Since this issue coincides with Halloween, we knew theme had to be “identity.” It’s fun to try on costumes, to pretend to be somebody else for a night or two, but our experiments with identity don’t end there. At this age, it feels like we’re always trying on different versions of ourselves, and as we grow, we can either stray from or get closer a more complete vision of ourselves. Whether you’ve known all along who you’re meant to be, are constantly figuring it out, or still have no idea, it’s okay. It’s all okay. The thing about identity is that it’s yours, and yours alone. It’s up to you to define yourself and show the world who you want to be. And nobody else should ever make you feel like you’re doing that wrong.

**This issue has been flagged on the ISSUU website due to nudity. It can still be read here if you create an ISSUU account. Otherwise, check it out on our Tumblr.** 


Basement Babes is a collection of art, writing and thoughts related to or inspired by feminism and Boston’s underground music. Borne out of a kickass female friendship, this zine aspires to create an inclusive creative space for people of all genders, races, sexualities and backgrounds who are interested in a more forward-thinking art community. Thus, we welcome your ideas for future issues and collaborations! You can reach us on Facebook or via email at [email protected]

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