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Antoni Karwowski & Daniel s. Deluca | 11/1/13 @8pm

Vela Phelan & Antoni Karwowski | 11/2/13 @8pm

Mobius – 55 Norfolk Street, Cambridge


If you haven’t checked out MOBIUS  yet, I highly recommend you do.

It has been, and continues to, support a wide range of experimental/alternative visual & performing arts with a strong international and national reputation of doing so for over 30 years now.

Just one of those beautiful Boston gems- at the heart of Central Square-

This weekend, Mobius took the opportunity to host polish artist Antoni Karwowski on his first US tour- with a two day performance in the company of local artists Vela Phelan and Daniel Deluca. 

I can’t even begin to describe the experiences and do them justice,

However– below are snippets of both nights and a written piece by Karwowski himself, to give you a sort of thematic overview of their contexts.



Antoni Karwowski


“Because milk is nothing more… than perfectly digested blood.”

Hieronymus Mercurialis


I ask questions about identity because I see the danger of it blurring in my surrounding reality, as a result of “memory decay.”


Creating new performance situations, I try to recall, from my inner self, fragments of situations that are already non-existent, traces of emotions, remembered pictures, sounds, words, smells. I place them within a space I form myself, where, described anew by means of chosen gestures-symbols, rituals, they gain more universal proportions.

It is in the past that I see answers to many current questions.

The past is the source of my behavior.

The past holds the archetypes of my language.


For me, the body is not just a means of expression, a tool, a simple source of information. It is a physical, psychic, and mental reality processing past experiences throughout its actions. Its activity in space includes elements of a signal – sign – message and also auto-expression.

Performance space.

It is the perfect structure, passionate, allowing me to create beings which do not need to pretend anything and are not governed by any criteria except for one – the criterion of personal perspective.

Performance allows me for  a fascinating game with time. It gives the feeling of capturing it and “influencing” the course of past events, modifying them, reversing, detaching  them from their archetype, building new configurations and transferring them into real space. This multidimensionality gives me the feeling of functioning simultaneously in the past and present.

The most important part of this space is the “source memory,” it is my starting point, the creative impulse allowing me to find the place, time and form determined by the initial idea, intuition, and the biologism of the body.


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