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An Ode to Dumpsters

From the creator of @newenglanddumps


An Ode to Dumpsters:

Be near or far, my love for you is undying. From government buildings to fast food restaurants, you are there to serve and protect.

Always silently giving your time and energy, asking for nothing in return. Blue, green, red even purple all strikingly beautiful in your own unique way. Full of refuse, dreams, and wishes, a magical collection of the unknown is inside.

Only the brave venture inside and become awarded with your treasures. Wild dumpsters, urban dumpsters, commercial dumpsters: they are all cut from the same cloth—waste management.

Often I wonder if recycling dumpsters think of themselves as superior? Do they compete? I prayed they do not take on superiority complexes as we 2 legged meat bags often do. All in it for the same goal to keep the streets parks and public spaces free of garbage. Could there be a better way? Probably. Could there be a more picturesque representation of consumerism in the United States—I think not.

In all seriousness, I enjoy catching a dumpster in an area where I would otherwise ignore. I enjoy finding angles that are flattering to these smelly beauties. I enjoy dumpster hunting in shopping plazas and new neighborhoods I visit. Who need trash can be so grounding?

Once I started hunting I now find them everywhere I go. They catch my eye from the train, riding my scooter, or even good old hoofing it on foot. I notice them even when I am not looking. I enjoy knowing that in any city USA, you can find my old friends. The reaction to the prospect of finding art in complete garbage is also a reward in itself. Maybe someone will see me photographing a dump and be inspired to make an Instagram of odd things themselves. Maybe it will help someone see more beauty in every day items. Maybe I’m full of myself, but I would like to think my dumpster cataloguing will bring someone joy and potential creativity!

I enjoy submissions of all things dumpy! Please reach out to me with all your dumpy questions/concerns and photos! @newenglanddumps @crosscountrydumps @slodumps (San Luis Obispo, Ca)

Thank you for reading my completely serious article and remember: ALL DUMPSTERS ARE BEAUTIFUL!




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