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Don’t stay away form this one, bitch. Hot off the heels of The Terminator, writer-director James Cameron constructed a Vietnam War allegory set in a science fiction setting produced with great special effects that still hold up. Here’s the set up; Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) has been floating in space for 50 years in stasis when she’s eventually picked up. Enter corporate sleaze ball Carter Burke (Paul Reiser), who’s able to convince her to accompany a team of “Colonial Marines” to investigate a space colony whose communications have gone silent. Upon arriving it’s clear that the aliens who are probably awesome at French kissing have run amok and before you can say holy facehugger, Ripley and the Marines are fighting for their lives. With relentless pacing and Bill Paxton at his best, it’s only obvious to see this on the big screen in 35mm.

11:59PM // Coolidge Corner Theatre // $ome cost

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