Like a continuing saga of operatic proportions, longtime scuz-rock/post-punk Obamas of drama The In Out are back in 2014 with a sudden pair of new releases–their first murmurs since their strong 2011 LP “The Venal Column.”

At this year’s open, the Boston trio (Todd Nudelman, Nick Blakey, Rich Atkins) quietly dispatched “AGENDA: The EP;” a 3-track 7″ record (Dhamma Joti Records) whose name leaves very little clue to its meaning. What exactly is the agenda here of these episodes of sludge and mojo other than to warn you to not listen to other crap?

“Poseur Alert” kicks things off with a little bit of old fashioned In Out group mind sound–bass and guitar languish into a melded juicy, distorted, echoey groove, tossed with a simple US-garage scene meets UK-garage scene backbeat. “Sticking” brings that sub-bass guitar and shitty/charming tin drum sound that In Out fans stick around for. Nudelman reports back to us (in his sunken chorus of one kind of way) that there’s not much worth sticking around for. And then there is “Agenda” itself, this band’s “Dragging the Line” (every band needs one)–except the lazy “punchy chorus” and spongy guitars sounds way more like the Fall than Tommy James, and in a way that isn’t really easy or desirable. Hey, sometimes sunshine gets permanently hidden behind clouds.

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