NO GAMES, the latest EP from Miami transplants ACIDOSIS is just good fun. Katzman and crew give us three cuts of accomplished, 80’s-worshipping metal, raw and wrapped up like you just got back from your favorite butcher shop.

We’re 30+ years on now from the days when Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth effectively splintered the church of metal into newer, meaner reformations. What they gave us was a purer, faster high, cut with punk innovations. ACIDOSIS cooks with this same optimized recipe, and the truth is, it’s hard to get more fun than that. First track ‘Attack of The Drones’ fades in with fuzzed giant-steps, leading us down to the bloody altar where the high priest’s guitar can kick off the orgy of death. It’s all over in 2 minutes, but you’re already grinning. ‘Decaysia’ then appeals to your need for speed, slowing only to demand you WAKE THE F* UP so it can preach guitar heresy in your ear as the tension mounts back up to fever pitch. The last panel of this tryptich, ‘Mankind’, shows us the fate of all our damned souls. Ben calls and his bandmates shout response to a beat and guitar chunk that you will feel in your neck the next morning. It’s all deadly serious (*wink*) and you will certainly love it. Lastly, check the sick cover art provided by bandfriendly SAM GAS CAN.

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