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Aaron Demuth’s Top Shows of 2012


Aaron DeMuth is the bass player for Libyans and Cottaging

I was more into visual art this year than anything else. But I did see a few musical acts that really caught my attention or lack thereof.

Russian Tsarlag at Dungeon C – Acrylic-pumped-pseudo-matador owning the room and dodging bulls while singing acapella Elvis.
Horror movies sounds and visuals only added to the reminder that the king should stay dead.

Buck Gooter at Puffers fest – Visually confusing and Sonically adventurous at the same time. Telepathic curiosities indeed.

Lecherous Gaze at Dusk bar – Post-Annihilation Time band finally found a lead singer that could combat their aural assault in a vampire themed club.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat at Machines w/Magnets – There’s a video online that’s titled Ed Schrader is the Best. It’s true and the video is right here.

Mission of Burma at BMH – Roger Miller’s guitar shot colors into the audience that night. I was able to dodge some of them. But It became so unrelenting that I gave in.

A few acts that adderall couldn’t fix for me.

CaliforniaX @ WWTA – I walked. I stopped. I sat. I drank. I went outside. But still had to unload. What a world.

Crazy Spirit @ Tommy’s Tavern – They played in a human made black sea that was swallowing most of Greenpoint.
Not sure if it’s dried out yet there. Hopefully soon.

Tragedy @ Dusk bar– The grilled cheese truck jettisoned their propane tanks before they played. Slept in a car.

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