A Laissez Faire Runs Through It

a look at the Rockport-based Laissez Faire Records


Laissez-Faire – a policy or attitude of letting things take their own course, without interfering.

Creativity to an artist is perplexing on a daily basis. Many people underwrite music to evoke a particular meaning, though much of the time it’s for immediate expression. Depending on how it’s made, art could take form from either of these places. This is something that Laissez-Faire Records juggles with on an everyday basis. For a group just starting out, the question is always, how are we going to progress? With good heads on their bodies these folks from Rockport, MA are taking their craft and their sound seriously, farther than just the Northshore of Massachusetts.

It all started with a trip to a New York jazz club. Founders and best friends Will Altman, Ailinel (Belle) Eaton, Thomas Micalizzi, Jackson Renda, and Rowan Rockwell all fell in love with the creative scene that was blossoming around them. The jazz sound fueled their creative minds so much in fact that they decided to join forces and make a bigger meaning of their artistry. Even though they’re all individually extremely passionate about their craft, they knew they could benefit from combined passion; using the term “Laissez-Faire” to help describe the force behind the creation. “You need a comfortable and vulnerable environment” says Renda. “You need to immerse yourself in what you want to happen, kind of like a law of attraction type deal”.

It occurred to them that now with this smashing idea, they needed a place to start the sound. Obviously somewhere that was familiar to them. Before it became their studio, it was a familiar place for them to chill, smoke, and be their natural selves. Then, once everyone became heavily into music and recording, it became its welcoming and inevitable flowing “frequency” that they continue to describe. “The studio is the womb of the group” says Belle, who would describe her role as the organizer – social media, networking, lists, “curator,” and of course, biggest fan. The boys tell her what they want and she makes it happen. It’s hard to promote your work, especially when you’re the ones that are trying to create the sound as well as publish it. Though they all have a heavy hand in what is published, Belle has a lot of the control over what gets posted. After this move to create their womb, the movement officially evolved to the present.

Taking after collective archetypes like Odd Future, TDE, etc. Laissez-Faire is about artists doing their thing. Networking and communication is their key for their “friends” (collaborators). They promote individuality as well as collaborative creation. It’s less about them as a group but more about the sound and culture they create. The founders are a tight-knit circle of childhood friends, which makes this movement even more special. The business is meaningful to them because of the bond they all share of wanting to live through creative and emotional expression. Every artist in the group, or represented, has their own sound and Laissez Faire makes up a narrative for just that. As Belle would describe it, “The soundtrack is modern day teenage fever, a coming-of-age movie with every genre.” Real life scenarios being transformed sonically is where they thrive the most.

Laissez-Faire can be a worldwide movement. Renda mentions in the interview, “once you create a group, you’re isolating people”. This idea is where their collaborators come into play. Their Instagram page is where they promote their collaborators and fellow businesses in order to plug the frequency that connects them all. In the future, once playing shows is more of an accessible activity, there are hopes to have members of the group as well as collaborators to put on theatrical performances with their sound. Having folks with different backgrounds of creativity (music, fashion, design) to put on a performance that really showcases their tone worth setting. Hopefully their jams can be transformed into a live aspect that not only they are tuned into, but an audience can be as well. “Follow the page and be patient!”

Peep the link below to check out their current projects:\

Some collaborators to check out:

The Raven Haven (Jackson Renda) [St. Folly album art by Soak Pot]

A collaborative project of different artists, using their sound to tell a beautiful story. Poetry, singing, beaty instrumentation. Belle and other friends are involved. Has dialogue and voiced characters. From the mind of Renda and studio of Laissez-Faire Records, this project will make you feel many ways, from melancholy to out-of-body. St. Folly is out now!


Gringo Loco (Rowan Rockwell) [Me N’ Jim album art]

A free moving solo piece by one Gringo Loco himself. Feeling the vibrations of summer all throughout this project and you will too. Take a journey with him and Jim as they discover themselves through the comfort of the Laissez Faire recording studio. Sure to give you chills from the first minute through the twenty first. Stream Me N’ Jim!

Senseless Optimism (Laissez-Faire Friend) [Dreamland Demos album art]

A true RnB/indie artist who seems stuck in their sun-soaked wonderland. Though this is truly where S.O. thrives. From the comfort of their own bedroom, S.O. creates jams and tunes that sound as if they could be recorded with multiple people, though it’s all done by them entirely. Senseless Optimism proves to a generation of musicians that you can do it all and still flourish as a creative. Stream the newest single “Half a Home” now on all platforms!

OJ Mountain (Laissez-Faire Friend) [Syzygy album art]

Influenced by old school boom bap and jazz, OJ Mountain (formerly known as OS) discovers his abilities through lyrical exploration of mind sweeps. Often seen carrying around his saxophone, Mountain has been in the game since 2018 incorporating his craft in any creative way he can. On his Instagram page, you can find him sporting hip hop covers as well as video clips from his released music. Join OJ Mountain on the journey to mastering wordsmithery, found on all streaming platforms!

Product by Alexa (Laissez-Faire Friend) [Finn & Jake earrings]

One of the many non-musical artists that are represented by Laissez-Faire, Alexa DeMarco’s glass blowing flows through her fingertips with ease. Creating various medallions, earrings, necklaces, tiara’s, bowls, pipes, and more! Hosting her business on Etsy, her and other glass blowers alike are getting their craft noticed more and more on the page. “WE ARE A PRODUCT OF OUR ENVIRONMENT. OUR ENVIRONMENT IS A PRODUCT OF US.”


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