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50 Some Odd Boston/New England Records To Fuck With From 2020: A Hassle Land Radio Program

Hassle Publisher/Founder let's it rip w/ his Boston & New England favs of this wretched year


Lane “Total War” off Permanant Daylight/ Total War single on ILLEGALLY BLIND 2020
$ean Wire “Anything That Feels Right” off Internal Dialect 2020
Marios Nicolaides Trio “Συνυφασμένη Μ’ Όνειρο / Interwoven” off Afino Tin Psihi Mou 2020
Fred Cracklin “Kid Cracklin” off Anxiety Kinship 2020
Forbes Graham “Day 3” off (Some Of The) Ten Days 2020
Pale Moonatic “Psychopathic Girlfriend” off The End of Pale Moonatic 2020
Lord Felix “Hunnid Dollar Socks” off Infrared VAN BUREN 2020
Grace Ward “perpetual” off The Big Flattening Compilation Volume 2 2020 (for mutual aid projects around Boston) thebigflattening.bandcamp.com for more info

Adammmmmmmmmmmmm “1…” off ok im real i think GENOT CENTRE 2020
Carrion Eater “Because Its Profitable” off Carrion Eater 2020
RID “virahita” off Aksar DIVERGENT SERIES (late) 2019
Sweeping Promises “An Appetite” off Hunger For A Way Out 2020
Psychic Graveyard “NO” off A Bluebird Vacation DEATHBOMB ARC 2020
Queen Crony “What I’m Hiding” off Horse Pony 2020
ALFii “RubberBandz” off Avalanche 2020
Kadeem “Glyphs” off Passing Exchange 2020
Joe Mygan “Etched Logos” off cozy beds 2020

Brandie Blaze “New Balance” off Late Bloomer 2020
Pink Navel “Apartment Arc” off Giraffe Track 2020
id m theft able “of one in three” off Folk or Stereo Separation in Thrift Stores 2020
Final Gasp “Haunting Whisper” 2020
Innumerable Forms “Philosophical Collapse” off Despotic Rule IRON LUNG 2020
Infera Bruo “Frayed” off Rites of the Nameless PROSTHETIC RECORDS 2020
PCP & The Knives “Trap” off The Void 2020
Evicshen “Funhouse Mirror Stage” off Hair Birth AMERICAN DREAMS 2020

Ricky Felix “Scarlett” off High End Theory VAN BUREN 2020
Nick Rocco “Your New Umwelt” off Echolalia MOON VILLAIN 2020
The Asthmatic “Most Days” off Strange Tongues 2020
Davey Harms “Knowing Hand” off World War HAUSU MOUNTAIN 2020
Sug “Sierra Plat” off Memory Place 2020
Walter Wright/ Pain Chain “Many Delicate Mechanisms” off Bloom 2020
Octalisk “”Hiddensee” SPL 2020
Isabella “Take One And Two” off Melody Depleted iDEAL 2020
Animal Hospital “Conditions” off Fatigue WHITE SEPULCHRE 2020

Wendy Eisenberg “as the bird flies in vermont, for carrie” off Dehiscence 2020
Squitch & Blue Ray “Having Fun” 2020
Big Blood “Sugar” off Do You Wanna Have A Skeleton Dream FEEDING TUBE 2020
Landowner “Confrontation” off Consultant BORN YESTERDAY 2020
Nathan Ventura “Dine On Nothing” off Real Good Driver 2020
The Touch Heads “livin” off try to get some sleep (late) 2019
High Command “Everlasting Torment” off Everlasting Torment SOUTHERN LORD 2020
Mourned “Blue Ruin” off Devoured Humanity 2020
+DOG+ “Ship of Dreams 2” off The Ship Of Dreams LOVE EARTH MUSIC 2020
Nilserver “Untitled 1” off Committee Of Despair 2020
Lil Diablo “Notice” off Life Of Diablo EP 2020

Ill Addicts “Queso” off Beautiful 2020
Black Pus “ZEPFAN 69” off Def Vesper 2020
Fuming Mouth “Road To Odessa” off Beyond The Tomb NUCLEAR BLAST 2020
Internal “Good Human” off Internal 2020
Latrell James “Spoiled Millennial” off Under 2020
Luke Bar$ “Gangbanger” off GoodEvil 2020
Kweeng Doll “Bop” off Pink Smoke EP 2020
Wendy Eisenberg “Futures” off Auto BA DA BING 2020
Joseph Allred “Everything In The Dim Night” off Michael 2020
Bad History Month “Childlike Sense of Hatred” off Old Blues EXPLODING IN SOUND 2020
Sam Gas Can “American Primitive” off Gone Doing FEEDING TUBE 2020
Ricky Quaid “Technology” off The Songwriter 2020
Hassle Land Radio Program #2:
50 Some Odd Boston/New England Records To Fuck With From 2020

Somewhat regular transmissions from Dan Shea & friends over @ Boston Hassle focusing on the aberrant and underground sounds of the world, the revolutionary sounds; and definitely those sounds as found in my New England backyard. This one is extra spicy in that baked beans kinda way cuz it’s my “BEST OF” show for Boston & New England music ONLY.


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