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5 Questions w/ Boy Harsher about their recently cancelled European Tour


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Boy Harsher, formerly Savanah, Georgia now, W-Mass based dance/ electro music aficionado’s just … had their tour cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the world. While not nearly as exciting as an actual tour, I have been wanting to speak with Jae Matthews and Augustus Muller for a while, because, have you heard their music? And if you’re like me and are going a bit stir crazy over the whole social distancing craze, may I remind you of the healing power of dance.

Their bandcamp page is full of their catalogue you can purchase at a reasonable rate, which, it bears repeating, is not to be missed. Anyways, check out our interview below, and make sure to stretch appropriately and drink lots of water.

Boston Hassle: How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacting your touring schedule?

Gus: We had three weeks scheduled in the EU, ending with Roadburn Festival. We cancelled that tour. Luckily we were able to reschedule most of the dates for October, but it looks like there’s going to be a huge traffic jam with bands rebooking stuff.

BH: How is the COVID-19 pandemic impacting your well being / your communities well being?

Gus: Personally I’m doing ok for the moment. Lots of time in the studio, cooking, taking hikes. But, I’ve got a lot of friends out of work and scared for the future.

Jae: Mostly concerned for our friends at the moment – those who’ve felt extreme financial losses, those who live in cities where pandemics could potentially really freak out, those who will find the isolation unbearable.

BH: What are some positives you see in all this chaos?

Gus: I think in a weird way it’s going to bring people closer together. I’ve had this urge to call and check in on friends and family.

Jae: It’s been heartening to see communities coming together to help one another – I hope that we can help each other get through this.

BH: How can art act as a guide through all this madness?

Gus: I’ve been only buying reasonable amounts of toilet paper. No really, I’m not sure. I’ve been staying in touch with people and seeing how they’re doing.

Jae: I hope art helps us all stay safe + sane. Maybe we’ll see a lot of wild collaborations.

BH: What do you envision the end to all this? What are you looking forward to when we can congregate freely again?

Jae: Not sure, everything feels v unknown. Really looking forward to performing again. And of course, dinner at Joe’s Cafe.

Gus: I’m definitely realizing how much I miss touring and playing shows. I can’t wait to pick up where we left off.

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