2014 Year Enders

14 thoughts from a grain of sand on the beach, in 2014


Mysterious list here. They (the voice of the grain) have chosen the anonymous route, but I bet some out there could guess with accuracy. Personally, if I had to guess (and truly I do not know for sure the absolute creator), I would say that 3 people made this list, and that those three people live in the western part of Massachusetts. The most important thing however is this: GO TO THE BEACH (I mean, like, NOW! Not to swim. No! Just to go.). – Dan Shea


14 thoughts from a grain of sand on the beach, in 2014:

1. “don’t tread on me”
2. “the sun is hot”
3. “waterfront property”
4. “smooth sailing”
5. “i’m crabby”
6. “that wind is a pick-me-up”
7. “love to chill at the tidal pool”
8. “ship’s comin’ in”
9. “i exist forever”
10. “hook, line, sinker”
11. “maybe i can catch a ride with that snail”
12. “seaweed is like my hair”
13. “many grains make a castle”
14. “tide over”

would prefer no name is associated with this top list
the sand speaks for itself

“Plum Island Walkway” photo by Robert M Ring (and available @ http://www.robertmringphotography.com/)

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