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An infinitely quotable comedy, containing characters that could have only been spewed from the fevered minds of the brothers Coen, comes to the Brattle Theatre tonight to prove that it deserves its own festival. In a nutshell, hippie/slacker/bowler extraordinaire Jeff Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) comes home to get pummeled by two brain dead toughs who, having mistaken him for someone else, proceed to pee on his rug. This sets in motion an Chandler-esque mystery of errors whereupon our hero will face off against nihilist German techno musicians, put up with headaches caused by his bitter wannabe Vietnam War vet buddy (John Goodman), and attempt to find out what really happened to a former porn star who’s now a lazy trophy wife (Tera Reid). Would you really not want to witness this magnificent hilarity on the big screen in original 35mm? Or fuck it, you could go bowling.

4:30pm, 7pm, 9:30pm // Brattle Theatre // $ome cost

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