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Hey this Carl from Kal Marks. These are my favorite releases of 2014 that I don’t physically own!!!

I haven’t been buying records much lately cause I’m fucking broke. But I promise I will properly buy all these soon. Otherwise i’ve been really enjoying listening to this shit on my computer.

1. Yaujta: Songs of Descent
This is number one on my list because its perfect. Its so fucking heavy. All the riffs are infectious and get under my skin. Everyone is a brilliant player, and the sound on the record is phenomenal. Next time I see them I have to get a hold of an actual copy. I’m an asshole.

2. Earth: Primitive and Deadly
Really impressed by this one. One of their best in years. Really full sounding, with great riffs. Can’t just listen to one song, have to listen to the whole record, no other way.

3. Disco Doom: Numerals
This is a really diverse record. Theres krauty jams, classic rock moments, folk stuff, ambient sound collage interludes, shoegaze shit, and pop brilliance. This album makes me really sad, but in a good euphoric way. I spent a lot time alone with this.

4. IAN: S/T
Really great songs, and terrific melodies. Absolutely in love with the break in “Great Big Dog”. Too bad they left for LA.

5. Grouper: Ruins

I worship Liz Harris, she is my favorite artist from the last ten years. Another great record, and step away from her normal hazy echo drenched sound towards a more striped acoustic natural vibe, but it still sets the mood.

6. LAIR: S/T
This is the only new album of 2014 that i bought, but i lost it in a move. These fucking dorks really surprised me with this record. Very special dudes making shit and really not trying to copy anyone.

7. Ex Breathers: ExBx
This is definitely the best live band I got to see all year. I feel so lucky to meet and play with them. They fucking rule. Great hardcore band that really reminds me of all my high school favorites, but never really feels predictable. This EP is great, but their even better live.

8. Run the Jewels: Run the Jewels 2
Killer Mike might be my favorite rapper. He has the most commanding voice. Seriously its like a cannon going off. He writes the best rhymes too, that can be thoughtful and easy to enjoy. So the second outing (not counting R.A.P. MUSIC) with EL-P turns to be another banging record. I sound lame using lingo like this. I’ve been listening to EL-P’s work since high school. He’s an amazing producer, and under rated rapper. GREAT!!!

9. Shellac: Dude Incredible!
I love this band. They fit each other so perfectly. They always have. I was really happy to hear this, and they still don’t suck. Worth the wait.

10. Swans: To Be Kind
I haven’t fully digested this one. I like it. I’m merely putting it on here, because i saw them last spring, and it was amazing. I need to get this album.

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