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Pace Investigations 6.

Performance by Sandrine Schaefer


Sandrine Schaefer, Pace Investigations No. 6.1 (2017), photo by Daniel DeLuca

I used to feel some anxiety about the way time seemed to be progressing faster and faster.  Not the moments, these can be just as slow as ever.  Days still feel like days and hours like hours, but the longer chunks: months, years…why do they seem to pass so much more quickly?  Eventually I realized that in context with my life as a whole, these periods of time are getting smaller.  A year out of five is so much more than a year out of 30.  So it’s not my mind bending, (what a relief!) but actually a reasonable shift in perception.

What markers inform how we experience time?  Besides the clock there are seasons, the changing light, and habits of different species, among others.  These are some of the things Sandrine Schaefer will be exploring December 21st as part of her year long performance called Pace Investigations No. 6.


The zine that accompanies the performance.

The performances take place at The Watch Factory Riverwalk in Waltham.  It’s here where watches were first manufactured on a mass scale, and our relationship with time began to shift to a common mechanical reference point.  But how did we think about time before this?  How might our perception change in the future?


Schaefer’s performance will take place at dawn and dusk on the four solstice and equinox days, a nod to celestial time.  She will be performing the same actions on each of the four dates, allowing variance in the weather, viewers, wildlife, and such influence they way they play out.


You can see the project on December 21st at dawn and dusk.
5:29-7:11 AM and 4:15-5:57 PM EST
Location: The Watch Factory Riverwalk
(behind Watch Factory Lofts located at 185 Crescent St, Waltham, MA 02453)
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