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Sleepover Fest 2017 Day 1 featuring Ceschi, Blau Blau, Evan Greer, Mint Green, Troll 2, Powdeer, Snowhaus, Moonish Brute, Dump Him

Sat, Aug 19 2017 2:00 pm - 11:30 pm Donate

Collective A Go Go

SleepoverFest IV! 2017!

This is the fourth and final.

SleepoverFest is a two-day, all ages, sober, donation based music festival/slumber party in Worcester, MA.

The idea for SleepoverFest was sparked during a conversation with Chris Humphrey (Sleepy) at a screening of the 1990 live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie for Pizza Week 2013 at The Collective A-Go-Go. We were talking about how great shows and events were but how you often never left feeling as though you had made more friends or had built a stronger connection with your surrounding community. We thought the idea of people sleeping over at shows sounded like a fun way to integrate a more intimate and goofy environment with one that can sometimes feel really alienating and scary. The first SleepoverFest was in 2014 at Negi Negi and became annual, being held at a different location in Worcester each year. 2014 at Negi Negi, 2015 at The Shop, 2016 at The Firehouse, and finally 2017 at The Collective A-Go-Go, where the idea was born. I was 15 years old when I organized the first SleepoverFest and I’m so grateful for all the friends, strangers, artists, and organizers who have helped me put this thing together each year. Shout out to Olivia for helping this year!! Mega shout out to Louis Roe from Squishy Sandwich Art who has done the poster for all the SleepoverFests!!! I am astounded at how I was in such different places in my life and somehow managed to have this weird thing happen every dang summer for the past three years. It’s been a beautiful experience. Oh for sure it has emotionally and physically wrecked me without fail everytime. It’s made me question my involvement with community organizing, art, and people in general almost constantly. However, it’s brought about some amazing opportunities and friendships for me that I’ll cherish forever. I’m 18 now! I’m going to Massachusetts College Of Art & Design in the fall! I don’t want to keep doing this! So, this is the last one. Please come 🙂

If you feel so inclined, please share your memories, thoughts, or feelings of SleepoverFest in the event page and tell your friends!!

Saturday the 19th:
Ceschi – 10:00pm
Blau Blau – 9:30pm
Evan Greer – 9:00pm
Mint Green – 8:00pm
Troll 2 – 7:30
Powdeer – 7:00pm
Snowhaus – 6:00pm
Moonish Brute – 5:30pm
Dump Him – 5:00pm

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Collective A Go Go
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