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E, Crown Larks (Chicago), Gold Dime (Brooklyn), and Chris Brokaw Rock Band

Wed, Sep 20 2017 8:00 pm - 11:55 pm $8

Midway Cafe

If you’re a fan of loud and emotionally complex indie guitar music with a swell, then the last hump day of summer need not be a bummer. At the Midway in JP, we got not one but two ex-members of Boston legends Come strutting their newest stuff, with a couple of excellent acts from the two big cities keeping the night wonderful in between ‘em (the night is like a Come sandwich, or maybe its on Come bread?). E, is Thalia Zedek’s latest project and the band is as powerful as all get out, every piece so beautifully in place that you didn’t even realize you’d been grabbed by the neck and shoved up against the wall. Brooklyn’s Gold Dime, the nom de rock of singular drummer/singer Andrya Ambro, (ex- Talk Normal) pumps heavy melodic bass and rhythms through a gorgeous squall of guitar sound. Ambro’s lyrics are artfully delivered and carry a heavy psychological content that is always compelling. Crown Larks are from Chicago and while there are certainly times that great city’s musical stamp is fortunately evident, they’re also easily the most prettily autumnal of the night’s fair, wet leaves on a bough, dude. Chris Brokaw Rock Band is the songwriting showcase for the other member of Come, oh and Codeine amongst others, but ‘no biggie’. Should be something special.

-N.A. Havusha


Crown Larks (Chicago)

Gold Dime (Brooklyn)

8pm 21+ $8

TICKETS: http://midwaycafe.com/our/details?id=102590

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Midway Cafe
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