Will Henriksen – “Staircase”


In his new solo release, “Staircase,” Will Henriksen channels some of his past sound from Harmoos (gone but not forgotten), while taking music and appreciating it in what seems like its most natural state. The picking pattern on guitar leads you step by step down a winding musical staircase. When you reach the bottom, you are enveloped in the joy of simple pleasures. Henriksen takes the bare rawness and beauty of pure instrumentation and stripped down vocals and showcases them in a way that is understated, but delicately brilliant. Each component is striking, distinct, and seemingly effortless. It creates a sound and environment that makes you really listen to not only the music, but to the lyrics, as if you will draw from them a valuable bit of wisdom. And with Henriksen’s track record of putting out exceptionally great music time and time again, you’re sure to learn something.

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