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Gay Gardens has been holding it down in Allston for several years now.
Serving as a wayfaring station for the strange, and interesting, the
free thinking types; Gay Gardens has earned its reputation as one of the highest quality(and quantity) show spaces and one of the best bets to see an interesting live performance in the whole Boston area. … from Gay Gardens spoke up when asked a couple questions…

whats your name and what do you do?

Q: I’m …, im not too sure, im sort of a gardener.

N: My name is …, I helped start the Gay Gardens three years ago with a couple friends. I booked a lot of the shows for the first two years, and have since sort of handed over the duty to Quinn. What do I do? Right now I am doing nothing. I have done things, and will soon be doing things, but at the moment…nothing interesting.

what are some of your favorite shows that have taken place @ gay gardens? shows coming up(see below)?

Q: Durian Durian by far.. their summer tour was fantastic Ordinary World and Wild Boys blew me away.. I’m very excited about every event I get to help come to life, I know that s vague, but if i throw one under the bus, id have to give them all an edge

N: Most of my favorite shows were early ones. There have been so many though, that I can’t distinguish between them any more. Made in Mexico, Neptune, Alec K Redfearn and the Eyesores, Prince Rama, Aids Wolf, Drunkdriver, Happy Jawbone, Fertile Crescent, they have all put on amazing shows. There have been so many more amazing ones, but I just cant list them all. The ones I remember most are the ones where I thought our house was going to collapse, burn down, or explode, but not necessarily the best.

is there an overarching philosophy to how you all run your space?

Q: no common goal, or some sort of freedom for individual belief and safety.. or even the opposite like an exercise!, does it matter? mabe these shows are our breath.. ACTUALLY our real philosophy is like something sort of totally vaguely related to all of those but Im pretty sure its awesome not exactly quite like some of them know, now that, i am positive

-wikipedia says: Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position- …not that there is anything wrong with that, just, im not sure if I know what is right still, and with that in mind i remain vague,, Im not distrustful or anything im taking it all in and i am not one to judge any more than anyone else. i think i learn alot when im viewing things as some sort of bizzarro mirror, i feel vain whenever i try to change what im seeing in the mirror… everything will keep growing

N:We have been adamant about not having an overarching philosophy. We simply just try our best to fill the house with friendly, open-minded people who are easy to get along with. This strategy has done us well and it’s great living amongst such a variety of interests and lifestyles. I personally wouldn’t want to live in a place with an overarching philosophy. You just learn so much when everyone doesn’t have the same mindset as you.

I know that there are a lot of people out there that never stepped foot in our house because of the name. I’m not talking about homophobes, just the opposite. People who expect us to be some sort of ignorant party punk house or something, and therefore never come over to find out for themselves. This is one of the reasons we decided to keep the name, we don’t want those people coming over. Everyone who does come over and talks to the people that live here knows we’re not homophobic ignorant people. Its a rather androgynous house. We can’t be pinned to any stereotype, political view, sexuality, or genre of music. I like it that way.

what have you been listening to lately? some favorite new england bands?

Q: 740 am wjib radio, no order: stuff in the house, stuff around the house, any bollywood music, vietnamese folk musics music and alot of north african also anything slowed down.Been doing alot of beefheart , sun ra, maailma sun city girls and lemon of pink .ROBBIE BASHO especially when he’s singing or whistling al them melodies
soul whernmevnevener, if its in sync with my life its doing its job
of new england… everything close to home, im sorry but if i throw one under the bus, id have to give them all an edge

Advice for others out there who might like to start a space like Gay Gardens?

Q: advice.. If you think i am trust worthy of advising, then id say trust your self, if its happening then its happening, dont piss off the neighbors lookinfor attention = lookin for trouble which can be a fun equation. not is that that is not, consent?, let it crack so the plants can grow through the foundation but dont break the egg your self! or mabey do so since I said that you should as my word is truth and my moral code is correct… not that im sarcastic ever …actually, i am right and i think that is pretty righteous… Now that you can really trust my word,, I think that it would be awesome to support free healthy culture that is allowing, loving and ever forgiving. More free space to grow and allow would be deeply appreciated by all who seek growth and love. and if you have fertile soil, go to one of the many lovely cultural seed banks (and there are many!) and ask how to get in contact with some gardener. oh, and everybody loves dinosaurs

some upcoming shows @ Gay Gardens:
on the 17th of febuary.. we have Duck That, Eric Dahlman, Cereal (Keiichi Hashimoto, Jesse Kaminsky, Kelly Roberge) and Funny Money
On the 18th Manners with Chris North and Anna Fox
on the 26th we are having a show for Hyena (ME) and others tba
hyena recently got their first lp pressed. The lp is being released on the 25th at the yes oui si with a show and being is put out by a sweet label called Laughable Recordings, they got a band camp for it at

one of … favorite performances @ Gay Gardens…

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