2016 Year Enders

The final 2016 YEAR ENDER… from the 1369 Coffeehouse


Every morning at the Inman and Central Square institutions known as the 1369 Coffeehouse, the baristas in a sleep-deprived, caffeine-fueled haze devise a tip poll to keep the public entertained and give them a voice on the important issues of the day.  What is a tip poll you may ask?  Simple: there are two bowls at the counter each with a different label.  When a customer tips, they choose a bowl.  Here are our top 10 tip polls of 2016:

10.  Scrubs v. No Scrubs
9. Snookie v. Wookie
8. Sarah Palin v. Parasailing
7. Sailor Moon v. Super Moon
6. Jorts v. Cut Offs
5. Tai Chi v. Chai Tea
4. Chicken Tender v. Checking Tinder
3. Fleetwood Mac n’ Cheese v. Dixie Chicken Nuggets
2. Martin Shkreli v. Your Worst Ex-Boyfriend
1. Donald Trump v. 3 Raccoons in a Trench Coat
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