Hassle Telethon 2017!

Why are we throwing a 24 hour telethon? Well, besides it being a GREAT idea, and an AMAZING chance to highlight an insane gaggle of the area’s most unique performers and minds, we’re going to raise $20,000 so we can open a Permanent BRAIN Arts Org residence, performance venue, and art market: in Somerville; your donations are how we achieve this.

We raised $3500 through last year’s Telethon towards this goal (currently waiting in the BRAIN Arts bank account), and we hope to raise the rest, the bulk of what we need through this year’s Telethon.

Further Information

The 2017 Hassle Telethon is now finished! But we STILL NEED FUNDS!

Help us reach our goal of $25,000 by the end of April! (Current Update: we’ve hit 24,000! thanks to over 320 different Donors!)
The second official Telethon was broadcast on Somerville Community Access Television and streamed online from 10am April 7 to 10am April 8.



Art Prints Contributed By:

Aaron Demuth
Wing Club
David Owen Beyers
Laurel Hoffer
Gilmore Tammy
Monique Aimee
Tyeklar Zoard
Julia Emiliani

Check out some of the acts from 2016 below,

and go to the support page to help make our community space happen!!!

This year’s performers:

Confirmed Performers (as of 3/22):
– musician and entertainer Biff Rose (as see on Johnnie Carson! as covered by David Bowie!)
– short films by Cagil Harmandar
– a visit w/ Eli Portman of Eli Portman’s Art
– a heavy metal lecture by the folks behind METAL 101 @ MIT
– The Dope Show w/ Katie McCarthy + other comics
– a composting discussion with the folks from Bootstrap Compost
– weird storyteller Chris Braiotta + friends
– comedian Rob Crean + other comics
– performance/sound artist Id M Theftable
– sound/performance artist Crank Sturgeon
– noise musician Andrea Pensado (Rondo) & Andreita
– exp. hip hop artists Yahkel
– a video by performance artist the Trofessor
– musician Andy California
– “How physics paints nature: the emergence of shapes” a lecture by MIT Physicist Baudouin Saintyves
– band Spectramotiv
– Sleeper Ship overnight drone session featuring: Prone, Bastian Void, Chris Konopka, Midisexual, Squelcher, Joe Mygan
– performance artist Ben Hersey
– noise group Disembowelment Choir
– drummer Chris Strunk
– a Ricky Diamond project
– comedian Tom Ashton
– a talk by Samantha Cohen on Ecovillages
– musician Gary War
– poet Chris Hughes
– new age electronics with TIME (Michael Collins)
– comedian Angela Sawyer
– comedian Zach Russell
– comedian Erika Lindquist
– comedian Terence Pennington
– Rapper Brandie Blaze
– band Above Ground Basement
– band Transpiler
– band Plunge Into Death REUNION
– band the Woolly Mammoths
– rap trio Solo Sexx
– rapper Ed Balloon
– a guest hosting stint by drag queen/ hard rocker Marieanne Toilet
– Weatherman from Weather is Happening
– band Hands and Knees
– band AD.UL.T
– band Divided Self
– one man band Analog Eric
– Live At The Gilmore LIVE
– a performance of Amazingly Firm w/ Paul Belenky
– performance artist Katie Lee Haley
– drag perfomances by Yune Neptune, Qya Cristal, and Neon Calypso
– experimental bike percussion w/ Reynaliz Herrera
– Kid’s Storytime w/ children’s book author Jef Czekaj
– a performance by Molly Dower
– a visit w/ Jessica daSilva of daSilva Studios
– “Storytime at the Ape’s Nest” with Chris Braiotta, Tyler Derryberry, and Death Shepherd
– a visit w/ Pun Pantry http://punpantry.etsy.com/
– Somerville Speakout presented by Patrick Neil Bryant
– videos by Dan Cashman
– musician Kirk Windsor
– 15 MINUTE MORNING WORKOUT w/ alif ibrahim
– “The future of capitalism” a discussion w/ Harrison Bralower, Tess Wise, and Joe Florence
– band Divided Self
+ more!
See the Full Schedule here!

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