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>SEE IT: The Magician(1958) Directed by Ingmar Bergman



A strange film shot beautifully in black and white, making use of shadows and mirrors. The story follows a traveling mute magician and his entourage as they travel into the wrong town, and get hassled by the local authorities. Kind of a precursor to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or Nothing But Trouble you could say. What plays out is a psychological showdown between the law and this magician, Dr. Vogler. In usual Bergman fashion character psychology is deeply delved into, and to tantalizing effect. Max Von Sydow channels his inner Karloff and is just wonderful in the role of the mute illusionist. Ingrid Thulin is equally as wonderful as Vogler’s wife. Ake Fridell as Tubel and Gunnar Bjornstrand as Dr. Vergerus the Minister of Health, the caravan’s chief foe, are just amazing. Funny at times, and epically strange and probing as only Bergman can manage.Out on Criterion.

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