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>SEE IT: ROADHOUSE(1989) Directed by Rowdy Herrington



Swayze in all his 80s glory, under the direction of the famous, infamous, neither?! Rowdy Herrington! ROADHOUSE is essentially a kung fu or samurai film set within the seedy world of organized muscle who protect the roadhouses of America’s south. Swayze is our hero. Sam Elliott his mentor(in perhaps his only other noteworthy acting role outside of the BIG LEBOWSKI). Ben Gazzara is awesome(as always) as the bad guy, and the rest of the supporting cast is great(including badass Keith David in a very small role, and wrestler Terry Funk as a stooge). Swayze is a “cooler”, going from town to town, bar bar to bar, wiping the floor with drunks, getting stabbed. This particular chapter in his storied career unfolds at the Double Deuce bar. Lots of fights, character actors, and great dialogue ensue. If you can get into that special 80s action movie mentality, do it with this.

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