Pallid Mors — Demo X​.​MMXV

Gentle and mournful acoustic ambience


One look at the black-and-white cover art of Pallid Mors first demo and the project’s name (that’s Pale Death in Latin) might lead to an impression that you’re dealing with a black metal band.

Further exploration of the story behind this project does confirm that there is some connection to metal (though, not black metal per se). Billy Knockenhauer, the sole man behind PM, is the drummer for a local sludge/post-metal crew Morne who are signed to Profound Lore (they were also referenced on the cover of Darkthrone’s Circle the Wagons LP).

The three tracks on X​.​MMXV, however, are completely free of any traces of black metal or sludge (or any metal, for that matter). Think of an extended version of Morbid Angel’s “Desolate Ways” (or, for more obscure reference, Northaunt’s debut  The Ominous Silence) and you’ll get the idea behind this demo — plenty of acoustic/ambient/neoclassical goodness.

None of the tracks on the demo are particularly cheery (and two go on way past 5-minute mark), which may be a turn-off to some, but outside of that it is extremely well-crafted and I can’t wait to see what this project will develop into.

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