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Bedroom folk in your living room


The guitar strings vibrate with your heart when you listen to these 6 tracks. You listen to this dazing off into a trance of the lush melodies you forgot even existed after submerging yourself in harsh noise for approx 3 hours a day.

Meet moedotcom (or Moe), an indie songwriter out of Boston, whether granting you coffee and tunes or some chill interactions at a show (remember those?!) she makes sure to leave a good impression. Listening to tracks like “Novelty” or “Callback Kid” you’re entranced. Stimulation yet a feeling of numbness consumes you when putting songs on like these. Odd feelings and thoughts comfortably dwell on me for 15 minutes. Moe uniquely frames your mind in a bittersweet fashion like nostalgic pictures of people you haven’t seen in years.

I feel like I’m seeing an old friend I just met, the sense of familiarity sticks out to me on tracks like “Grandmother’s Daughter” but at the same time there’s a lot of focus on the unknown. I play this EP on repeat trying to find the words to describe what was formerly considered obvious but now it’s translucent. Riding long waves of emotions throughout this feeling like time has been longer than it really has been. Listen to this anywhere , anytime and it feels so different that you’re questioning if it’s even the same thing you were listening to before.

Simply put, Moe’s debut is an adventure from front to back and for me it won’t get boring anytime soon.

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