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New hypnotic, rhythmic centric electronic music from Germany. Big time NEU!(and other Krauts, while not being hackneyed about it) feel at times from Duesseldorf’s KREIDLER(part of the awesome name club dontchathink?) who are indeed intermingling organic instruments with synthesizers in a rhythmically compelling fashion. TANK is the band’s first album since 2009’s MOSAIK 2014. BUREAU B released TANK, and they were smart to do so. “Kremlin Rules” starts off as an ambient drone and then turns into a steady chug as the song gains a drumbeat and takes off. “New Earth” gives us an electro bass line to cling to as the synths start ripping into the song. And then those drums arrive with a shuffling beat allowing the synths to simmer until the guitars and synths make their way back into the fold together. Slow building guitars/live drums/synth churn that fans of the motorik sound (like us) won’t be able to resist.


Kreidler – Kremlin rules by Tapete Records

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