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Katie McShane’s Top 10 Solo Releases Which May Have Gone Under Your Radar in 2015


KATIE MCSHANE is a serious force on the Boston underground music radar. She heavily piques our interest time and time again with projects ranging from the post-punk wallop of LISTENING WOMAN onto the experimental rock/ pop of EVERY KIM PARCELL and the art folk (or something) of LICHEN, to name but a few of her myriad creative outlets. She also runs the monthly FEM SHOWCASE over @ the Midway. If you are not tuned into what she is up to then it is time to GET WITH IT! – DS

1. Secret Rodg by Secret Rodg
“The first release by Secret Rodg, Matt Delligatti’s moniker for his home recorded deceptively simple songs, sung and played here with tremendous precision, grace and thoughtful musicianship.”-Lungbasket
If you are turning inside yourself, you find it.

2. The Joy of Cooking by Andrew Clinkman
A super engaging release from one of my favorite musicians…
“must-have for solo-guitar album-collectors-and, more!”

3. Borey K. Shin by Borey Shin
A humble and extremely sneaky solo release from Borey.
Keep this album in your car for when you accidentally turn onto a hilly country road that is covered with ice.
Borey’s music drives away panic and elicits calm observation.

4. Pressure Care by Pressure Care
This album is mix of solo tracks by Cale Israel and Billy McShane, moving back and forth between Cale’s heart-warming tunes and Billy’s super-creative instrumental music. You do not know where this music comes from. It is a magical ship.

5. What Will We Do? by Mia Friedman
An incredibly earnest and thoughtful solo release from Mia, and it’s not her first.
In 2012, she put out 18 Mornings.
Three years later we receive “What Will We Do?”. It feels like a natural extension of Mia and I’m always left wanting more!
Mia is great.

6. Alphabet Beach by Samuel Boat
A reliable continuation of the Samuel Boat musical explosion. Fun, sad, confusing and inspiring. Sam is great.

7. Karl by Karl
Brittany’s first release as Karl features Sam Lisabeth and Ethan Parcell as her “side men”, each on resonator guitars. On this album you will hear Brittany play the bass and sing her songs beautifully!

8. Sun Young by Sun Young
Well… this is not a solo release but it is music with a clear and personal vision.
Damien Scalise, Jeff Balter, and John Cushing.
“Ripping, rocking, funny and deeply serious.” – Kevin O’Dell

9. Can’t Take the Country Out of the Boy by Friendship Ceremonies
Essential music which sounds exactly like itself. It is the perfect tape for your home player.
Put this on while you are chopping vegetables or sitting on the love-seat.

10. Dorsey Bass’ set on Arbor Day 19: Expression Tree
I love Dorsey’s ensemble music. It is so creative and the sounds are really considered in a beautiful way.
The whole album Expression Tree, which in itself features a huge range of music, comes from a set of 19 albums put out by Evan Allen & Jeff Balter. This series catalogs a year of concerts at their house venue “Arbor Day” from 2013-2014. They just put these concert recordings out a few days ago, so it is my end of year recommendation to explore this wonderful new set of releases.

[Another favorite from this set – Arbor Day 8: Music Songs & Cowboy Band]

And of course… So many good releases coming up in 2016.  I’m especially looking forward to Rudebot’s upcoming “Wonderful”, the new Particulars album, and the new M.I.A. album.

To really hear music which sounds just like itself….


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