“Just one person’s perspective”: The Top 11 Peace, Loving shows, in 2011…


We can assume you are already familiar with Peace, Loving’s highly-secretive and complicated adaptability-strategies for surviving in breakneak-paced rural, and deep forest societies. The ‘life-changing-oyster’ shell-pact was carved in precious fluid tablets over five years ago to this very day. Seen sand and wax and wayne and Peace, Loving remains frolicking, thrashing, and rolling in the invasive’s rubble-wake. Ever-static, never not changing, they done a lot, but there’s lots more to do! Please Enjoy Just One Person’s Perspective… The Top 11 ‘Peace, Loving’ shows in 2011. (in order of particularity & synchronicity 🙂

January 17th: Live on WZBC 7am-10am.
Advertised as a live, on-air, three hour, Peace, Loving performing marathon, and that’s just what it was! Three slam-packed hours of pre-taped comedy skits, difficult to follow meta-narratives, several self-interviews, motivational PSA’s, on-air sonic-improvisations, major media and temporal overlaps, plus way way more! The whole three hours are available for free download or lazy stream at whitehaus family record’s handcramp acct, OR listen to the jams alone and watch time shrink itself on the Peace, Loving album ‘Live on WZBC’.

February 2nd at Muthership in Jamaica Plain.
For the first time in over 5 years, Peace, Loving returns to the place they formed and where Whitehaus began! The olde Treehaus is now a new Muthership and just as vibin’ as ever! Performed for the last time that evening was Peace, Loving’s set they had taken on their second cross country tour in 2010. A half-hour, non-stop, all-out melee of banjos, chicken tapes, pots and pans, bells and whistles, sweeping up, breaking down, and a moment where some lovely unexpected gets chosen as a surprise birthday friend, opens a surprise birthday gift, and the audience sings them a surprise birthday song. During the chimax, Arkm lackadaisically hung his chime on the muthership’s christmas lights leaving the chime dangling dangerously above the audience, and also shorting-out the lights for good. Worth it? Haven’t been invited back yet…

February 12th at Underground Summit 3. Cambridge YMCA Theatre.
First of all, we made this sick animated pizza flyer for an unbelievable showcase of Boston ‘Rock ‘N Beyond’, curated by legendary Bodies of Water booking. Peace, Loving was excited by the challenge extended to us by a round-robin style event; forcing to break the mold of past ‘one and two chunk’ sets. Four short pieces were extracted from our previous tour set, and one new one generated special for the event! The premier of ‘Boxing Match’ for two refrigerator boxes painted neon yellow w/ huge happy faces, peace signs, and hearts, bursting out into the audience and wrestling each other to the death.

March 20th at Whitehaus Blast Fourth. Cambridge YMCA Theatre.
Another year older just when you thought growing up wasn’t cool anymore. 20+ Whitehaus related bands going back to back 10min sets? Who doesn’t love jamming out tunes w/ their buds? Green Tea? Chillin’ in the fridge. There are things that are mostly universal. Let’s see your hands! All new short pieces performed using ball jar lids, coin tossing, mind-pinching high-frequency mashes, and a smiley faced balloon suicide w/ electric drill. It was all there for me, but this is just one person’s perspective!

May 14th at Opensound. Third Life Studios, Sommerville.
Cause Lou is the man get with it! Opensound is a monthly avant-miracle curated by long-time man-on-the-scene, Lou Cohen. And introducing first time Peace, Loving member Erich Haygun! A quartet tonight from four corners of the earth’s magnetic compass. Skinny Vinny always kills it. Boston is a hub of brilliance.

June 12th at O’Briens w/ Borbetomagus, Duck That, Heathen Shame
The stakes are high! Thanks Will Mayo and KFW for having us perform at this show! The other acts were top, top holla. Peace, Loving incorporated new material including an absurdist talk show with props and theme music and of course your host Brian S. Ellis. Also introduced that eve was 5 different sized oscillating fans blowing into microphones (sans windscreens) running out to their own individual speakers in the space…mucho relaxo! Chimax concluded on the streets of Allston for happy passer-byers! Watch for yourself: . . .

July 4th at Weirdo Records for 10-hour performance marathon.
Including but not limited to: indecipherable programs, return of the boxing match, live smell-o-vision for electric burner and aromatics, an hour long artisanal cheese tasting and cheese lecture, sonic sidewalks assaults, police interruption and scolding, the usual central square prophets, herbal teas and popcorns refreshments, first time P,L member frank hurricane,and of course MORE! Here is the program:

August 14th at We Are Guest Talk, Free: $10. Cambridge YMCA Theatre.
Wow? 3 out of 11 shows on this list take place at the Cambridge YMCA Theatre? OF COURSE! Best Venue Eva.
We are Guest Talk, Free: $10 (weird stalk three) starts off a dimly lit Sunday afternoon in the YMCA theater. After one hour’s worth of the best Metal and Glass drones I’ve ever bear witness to, the lights go out and Peace, Loving cracks in with nail halo diffusion and flow disturbing chimax. The show goes on and on and on all night twisting your ability to understand sounds into pretzels, until you cry squeezing.

October 15th at Occupy Boston / Homegrown 3 (double header)
Kinda no brainer. Minds shut down for their own good. Occupy Boston might be the best audience of all time. Chimax that day meant ‘Bring it all Back Down, And Bring it all Back UP AGAIN! OUTSIDE IS FREE FOR ALL.’ Body Spasm Miracles R Us. Action Pack-up and Break-Down in order to make it to both gigs.
Day 2 of Homegrown 3 held at Crane Hall, Tufts. A Majestic Room! And everybody in towne knew the fun was there that night. 2 Different Rooms Simulcasting Blistering Blasting. I love you Boston (and surrounding area(((. Will You Marry Me?

October 17th at Gay Gardens for Whitehaus Fall Tour Kickoff !
Gay Gardens is like my older sister. I look up to her no matter what. I want to go where she goes. 19 acts in 6 hours. And would you believe this is the day following one of the most epic 3-day Boston Fests of all time?! Peace, Loving shape-shifts again and collides with The Morgan Shaker Family Band to become an ultimate pop and sound blender sensation. Pancho the Kidd is now a P,L member for life. Have you seen this band??? Kickin Country, Damaged Healing Pop Blisterers, Family Friendship, Tortured Tuneage and as always, MUCH MUCH MORE! It felt so good to kick off our tour at Gay Gardens with all the most amazing peeps in the world! Thank YOU!

November 18th at Gay Gardens w/ Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Rotten Apples, Theodore Treehouse, Wash and Gouache, and Guerilla Toss!
New and Old friends combine for the last big Peace, Loving show of the year. Back to rock GG’s even harder than last time. New: sonic calisthenics routine, scratchy vocal improvs, ALL THE WHITEHAUS HITS, and a real-life peace sign and heart pinata smashed open by the blinded and spun about, Pancho the Kidd; smashing the Gay Gardens lightbulb to bits and then still swinging his stick in the dangerous darkness. Turns out, there were just nails and bells inside that pinata anyways. DON’T BUY CANDY!!!!

But hey, this is just one person’s perspective. Stay tuned for much more to come from the Peace and Love band!

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