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Franky Flowers — “Sneakers”


I love living in Boston, but between the weather and now this latest track from Franky Flowers, Los Angeles is making a pretty good case for itself. This demo version of Franky Flowers’s “Sneakers” hails from the band’s forthcoming 7” release, Sneakers/Usual Haunts. Billing itself as psychedelic/shoegaze, one can’t help but notice that those descriptors seem a little off. A more accurate term for “Sneakers” would be “skygaze.” This is music for fuzzy daydreaming; this is music for lying in the grass and staring at the sky with no purpose other than existing.

“Sneakers” is one of those songs that feels warmly familiar upon the first listen. At the same time, though, it sounds so fresh and so inexplicably innocent, as if this band hasn’t yet been jaded by the fickle music scene. It’s one of the most exciting new songs I’ve heard this year, and I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of Sneakers/Usual Haunts, which drops on May 16.

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