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Foodman ‎– Ez Minzoku


FOODMAN is making some of the funkiest, out there electronic music, some of the most broken electronic dance music, that I’ve ever heard in my goddamn life. I can only describe Takahide Higuchi’s music in terms of the fundamental sounds that I hear in the FOODMAN stew: skweee, chiptune, footwork, kraut electronic (Asmus Tietchens in particular). And those are just some of the various jumping off points for this strange music. EZ MINZOKU is the latest chapter in the sonic saga of this deep Japanese weirdo. ORANGE MILK RECORDS released the record earlier this year. Releasing flagrantly wild electronic music is what they do.

“Yami Nabe”  at the 2:40 mark. Remember last century when Kikunae Ikeda discovered umami? I think his countryman Higuchi might be doing something similar for music right here on this album.

Who’s a contemporary of this guy? FORM A LOG? GOBBY? No one? This is the best shit.

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