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Entrail Soup #1 featuring Stephanie Germaine, Tyrone Jones, James Discovers, Jarva Land, Tom Ass10, Fat Shuggy @a spot (JP)

Sat, Dec 3 2016 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm $5

A Spot

This show is the first in a series is called “Entrail Soup” and will take place during the day on each first Saturday of every month in a secret place in Jamaica Plain! Message me for the address! No pigs! Entrail Soup is day time out door performance fun where artists are challenged to see what they can do with the limitation of being completely unplugged! No hiding behind effects on your voice; now we can actually hear the human in you! Please message me if you would like to play at an Entrail Soup! I’m looking for experimental acoustic musicians, rappers, performance artists, comedians, spoken word artists, tap dancers, and generally non conventional acts! It has to be a completely unplugged show for whatever you do though. If you wanna do something with keyboards or something, then please bring battery powered speakers and keyboards. Will cancel if there’s lots of crazy Boston snow or extremely cold temperatures. Contact me either here on Facebook or at [email protected]

Entrail Soup is a place for people to be happy and will not tollerate your intollerance. No racism, sexism, homophobia, hatred of non cis people, ablism, hatred of religion, xenophobia, or any of that bougus allowed. This is a public space, so we can’t actually kick you out; but if you want to be fricking nazi you will have alot of people pissed off and yelling at you, and it just won’t be a fun time for anyone. So please just don’t be a nazi scumbag piece of excrement.


A Spot
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