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Egan Budd is the most consistent Boston area curator/ organizer of music events that start at dark, and move onward toward fucked up. He books DIY minded events, and puts out records as EXISTENCE ESTABLISHMENT. If what you seek is industrial, noise, power electronics, and generally strange sounds then a look in he and his organization’s direction is highly suggested. He also performs solo in the industrial/ drone electronics vein as XIPHOID DEMENTIA.

10. Xiphoid Dementia & Corephallism @ Summer Scum III

It’s time to blow my own horn a bit. This was my first live collaboration with my industrial project in years and I had an absolute blast. Shane Broderick – of 2DeadSluts 1GoodFuck infamy – and I have worked together on more than a few projects over the years but this is the first time we focused our negative energy into a wall of industrial and power electronics fury. Not to mention physical confrontation. Good times.

9. Trap Them @ Deathwish Fest

Trap Them released a new album Blissfucker in 2014 and also played the massive Deathwish Fest in July. After a long yet positive set by Modern Life is War, Trap Them took the stage and their negative energy was palpable. Laying down some of the most raw and bare hardcore around they exhibited why they are at the top of their class.

8. Northern Curse @ Dusk
The Serven brothers are best known for their blistering grindcore blasts in Backstabbers Inc. which they revived this year. Less well known though is their project Northern Curse. A project that combines elements of gothic piano music, black metal, and even a few hardcore riffs thrown in for good measure. This particular set was perfectly paced, included live keyboard performances which mixed in well with the sonic blasphemy of the more metal oriented side of the project. They managed to create a truly unique and affective atmosphere.

7. Statiqbloom @ Cambridge Elk’s Lodge
Statiqbloom is the project of Fade Kainer an artist who has been in the metal and industrial scenes for some time now. Appearing with an eclectic line-up of dance, noise, and industrial projects Statiqbloom stood out at this two day long festival as the big up-and-comer. If you enjoy synthpop and old school danceable industrial this is right up your alley.

6. Erroraeon @ The Eternal Sword of Being
Erroraeon is Jonathan Morse one of the few power electronics/industrial acts operating out of Portland, ME. This show was also special to me because it was the first show at I did at my house after I “remodeled” the basement. In 30 minutes Morse drags us through a deep dark tunnel of despair, manipulation and intrigue harkening influences from several of my favorite power electronics project including Navicon Torture Technologies and Brighter Death Now.

5. Redrot @ Summer Scum III
This was my first opportunity getting to see Ryan Opperman’s main project. Although it has evolved into something quite different Opperman pulled out all the stops for this tour and proved why he is widely regarded as one of the United States’ best in rhythmic noise projects. With repetitive industrial loops and haunting yet playful vocal performances Opperman had the audience enthralled. The moments when he even falls prey to his own boderline danceable rhythms and begins to shake his booty was priceless.

4. Bocksholm @ Machines With Magnets
Traveling from Sweden to perform in the United States and with both men named Peter Andersson converging to perform as this industrial SUPERGROUP created a very special night. Not to mention such amazing acts as Raison D’Etre, Brighter Death Now, and Deutsch Nepal were also on the bill. But this was the only U.S. show where the duo performed as Bocksholm and it was truly a special night. The set was long (at least by noise standards) and contemplative with much depth and variation in sound and structure.

3. Post Scriptvm @ Machines With Magnets
Post Scriptvm is a project I have been aware of for some time and when I heard they were playing with Brighter Death Now I was somewhat surprised as I didn’t quite think of them being at the same level. However the set they performed that night was legendary and even showed up some of the touring artists that night. With a truly disturbing backing video the duo set the tone to a varied yet perfectly executed set of ambient noise with some excellent power electronic elements. Top-notch audio quality and performance by these underrated sound artists.

2. Youth Code @ Cold Waves III
Youth Code is another dance-influenced industrial/synth-pop project currently rising into the big leagues with their combination of old-school industrial and hardcore. Yes, hardcore. Because their energy is obviously culled from the ecstatic youthful vigor of punk and hardcore shows as well as the lyrical screams of members Sara Taylor and Ryan William George. I had the pleasure of witnessing a second performance from them opening for Skinny Puppy but there was something in the air during their Cold Waves performance that wasn’t there that night that simply impressed the audience greatly in a way that few artists can manage to do while still being acceptable to the goth club crowd.

1. Plagues @ Summer Scum III
Count on me to list a 10 minute set from some obscure noise artist that no one gives a shit about. Plagues is relatively new project with sole member Brandon Hill. I saw the project last year at Summer Scum as well and it was yet another great set. But Hill took a solid sound and aesthetic and tightened it up this year to form a visceral and sharpened point that cuts open your head and penetrates your mind. With a perfect selection of samples, pacing, and energy my year all came down to this 10 minutes of pure darkened bliss.

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