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Artist Spotlight Series: Genesis Báez


Artist Spotlight Series
August 31, 2016


Recent work by Genesis Báez


May 4, we hiked through forest, reached dry yellow earth, a tall, wide chunk touching the sky. I climbed to the top, and to my surprise, bright blue and green sea, the Mediterranean steeply below. In 2013, I had a dream about this. Mother and Brother and I climbing up dry yellow earth, cliffs, turquoise sky, blue and green sea, the Caribbean below. From the same angle and perspective. I told you I had been here before in a dream, and you understood, because we are connected.


[Trauma, and it’s repetitive nature

Heightened global aggression towards marginalized people

Erasure, and the politics of forgetting



These photographs are works in progress, reflections. I am photographing signs, however subtle, of trauma, endurance and recovery in the Caribbean, Europe, and American South, making connections between seemingly disparate places and histories.







A Boston native, Genesis Báez is an artist and educator currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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