A few questions for Steph Lak

Steph brings some mystery to the Hassle Instagram Live on Sunday 2/21 @ 8pm


Catch Steph Lak’s stream on the Hassle Instagram Live on Sunday 2/21 @ 8pm!

Dan Shea:
Have you done many streams? How has music making been for you since the pandemic hit?

Stephanie Germaine:
This will be my first live stream performance since the pandemic hit, and not for a lack of opportunity. Personally, I haven’t been able to care much about remote performance. I know it has been meaningful to keep creativity active and alive, I don’t protest that. I’m innately drawn to collaboration with others and the physicality of a room, a space and navagating, exploring its relationship to the sound within. But hey, don’t knock it till you try it!! I hit a wall much of last year and only for the last 6 months have I been motivated to create music. I’ve been inspired to explore more songwriting avenues, which has been a dormant muscle for some time. I deeply miss playing with people.

What have you learned during THESE DIFFICULT TIMES?

I’ve learned to deepen my love and support for community. I really like living in Roxbury. I’m bad at pandemics although good at gaining pandemic pounds. Depression is a bitch. Embroidery takes forever.

You threw an outdoor show (@ an undisclosed location) last may. How did it go? Any more plans of that nature?

We had a few in the summer. I thought they all went really well considering covid. Folks were safe and considerate and we raised some money for local BLM organizations. I honestly believe if we can be thoughtful and organized, I dont see why I wouldnt try to do a limited number in the spring and summer. It’s honestly my favorite series to run.

You make noise. You’re a performance artist. But how do you describe what you do yourself?

As of late, more of a craftsperson! Sometimes I make noise. Sometimes it’s more of a mess.
Best is yet to come.

What’s next for you, Lak, and what can we expect from this stream on sunday (if we should expect anything)?

Well, I’m turning thirty six on March 1st, thats a thing. And Spring is coming, I’m really looking forward to gardening projects.
Do expect a bit of video (mashup of old video-art) and a table full of stuff.


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