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(6/6 & 6/7) MANHATTAN (1979) DIR. WOODY ALLEN @MFA


Trifling interludes in Europe notwithstanding, we all know that New York is Woody Allen‘s town and it always will be.

Whether you find MANHATTAN‘s May-September romance enchanting or disturbing, you’re likely to be swept up and/or away by Gordon Willis’s stunning black-and-white cinematography, the swooning Gershwin score, and the winningest collision of cosmic nihilism with headlong romanticism that Allen was ever to commit to celluloid. You’ve got your Meryl Streep here, your Diane Keaton, your Mariel Hemingway, your 59th Street Bridge, you’ve got all your favorite trash-glutted gutters and art galleries and ersatz moonscapes — you’ve got the island of Manhattan in all its rude, rotten, late-’70s glory. What else do you want? You might find that here, too.

There are certain things that make life worth living, and this movie is one of them, friends. Now more than ever, you have to have a little faith in people.

6/6 7:30pm
6/7 12:00pm
$9 MFA members, seniors, and students
$11 nonmembers

Museum of Fine Arts
Remis Auditorium, 161
465 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115

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