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URANIUM DRIVE-IN documents a rural community in Colorado caught between a radioactive rock and a hard place. On the one hand, uranium ore mining could dig them out of their financial woes and help preserve a way of life dear and familiar to the Western soul of America. On the other, errr, it’s URANIUM man. Keep that stuff out of my back yard!

If you are going to see an environmental activism film like this, wouldn’t it be great to have the director on hand to ask those questions nagging at your conscience? As it happens, director Suzan Beraza will be present at this screening for exactly that purpose. There are all kinds of angles at work with this hot-button issue in our country and, through this film project, Ms. Beraza has become well-steeped in the particulars. She is also well-regarded as a documentarian, having made numerous documentaries for public television and 2010’s award-winning BAG IT. You can learn more about her work as a filmmaker in this interview and her production company REEL THING. Learn more about this important energy/environmental issue by coming out tonight to see URANIUM DRIVE-IN.

@UMASS // FREE // Thursday 13th, 7pm
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